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Isn’t it funny, how when we’re younger, we have these expectations of ourselves?

"When I’m 23, I’m going to graduate college and party. And then I’m going to get a job and have a nice house, with a husband/wife and children when I’m in my late twenties, early thirties. And retire when I’m fifty something with several grandchildren."

But I, who made all these plans on going to college, having the “wonderful life” we all expected, sometimes find myself lost, in a world that is so cruel, wishing I taken that chance to go to college when I could have, even though I was fearful of never being able to afford it. I wish that I could have found that prefect job. I find myself regretting that I was never able to be half way done with school at my current age, 22, and be on my way to find a successful job. And my fear is that I never will.

I’m in fear that I’m always barely able to make my bills, buy my food have the dream relationship we all crave for. Just funny how life takes us on these turns, we least expect.

18 Sep


im just a human bean

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Anonymous: How are you?

Lovely, just finished moving in with Eddie. Yourself?

18 Sep